JCT® Sessions Weekdays Unlimited!

JCT® Sessions Weekdays Unlimited!

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Give the gift of health and care with a gift card for yourself or your loved ones.

JCT® Sessions - Weekdays Unlimited

Unlimited sessions from Monday to Friday!

Choice of service:

JCT® Upper Body (Worth $65)

The perfect treatment for deskwork relief. Experience the release of tightness in your neck, shoulder and stiff back from the treatment’s manoeuvres. Lay back and enjoy the lightness.

JCT® Lower Body (Worth $65)

Flying and constant sitting can cause swelling and stiffness in your legs. This treatment utilises soft tissue techniques to encourage drainage and better circulatory flow in the lower body. Great for releasing stiffness and improving overall mobility.

JCT® Posture Correction (Worth $165)

With this treatment, you will receive a customised session based on your body assessment. Get help on posture alignment, muscle movement and overall body mobility. Get moved, stretched, kneaded and put back into the right places.

Each session will last a maximum of 60 min.

Gift cards of larger values are available, please send us an email at  info@orchardhealthlifestyle.com to enquire.

Find out more at: www.orchardhealthlifestyle.com

Terms and Conditions:

  • Validity of 12 months from date of purchase.
  • Gift cards are transferable.
  • Vouchers must be purchased prior to appointment.
  • Call/SMS 8113 0129 to book your appointment.